5 Myths and Facts About Sagging Breasts

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As women age, their breasts begin to sag. There are, however, a few myths about sagging breasts you may be interested to know. For example, those who believe the correct exercises can help keep your breasts perky and youthful are incorrect. Breasts are composed of fat, not muscle, so there is nothing you can do to tighten and tone them up. You can build up your pectorals to help the appearance of your breasts if you wish.

The fact is that as women age, the stretching of ligaments causes the tissue that keeps your breasts up to sag with age.

Halle Berry’s theory that wearing a bra 24/7 will keep your breasts up and perky is simply not true. Nothing can really keep your breasts perky and youthful. While on, a bra will hold them up and help them keep the shape you wish, it can’t prevent them from sagging. Age and gravity are the causes.

On the bright side, breastfeeding does not cause sagging in breasts. Pregnancy, however, can cause some ligaments to stretch, which will cause sagging breasts later on. You can help slow this process by maintaining a healthy weight gain while pregnant.

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