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clock-icon   September 12, 2018

5 Signs You Are A Good Candidate for Tummy Tuck

A popular body procedure we offer at North Texas Plastic Surgery, tummy tuck involves the removal of excess skin and residual fat around the midsection, all done in order to give you a more attractive and contoured figure. Sounds like the procedure you’re looking for? Read this primer first to know if you’re a great fit for tummy tuck.

What’s Up With Sagging Skin and Leftover Fat?

After a post-pregnancy or weight loss journey, you may notice sagging skin or leftover fat around your midsection, resulting to unshapely figures—and possibly lack of confidence. The skin might be elastic and can stretch to accommodate a growing baby or excessive fat but the stretched skin will not bounce back to its original form after giving birth or losing weight.

The Need for Tummy Tuck

Diet and exercise are not enough to tighten the skin when it has been stretched to its limit. You can sculpt and tone your muscles anywhere else in your body, but not your tummy with its loose, sagging skin and weak muscles. The tummy tuck is designed to resolve this. A procedure appropriate for men and women, tummy tuck involves carving out your abdominal area to give you your dream body.

Interested in a tummy tuck? Find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure with these 5 signs.

  1. If you have slimmed down from regular diet and exercise but are still uncomfortable wearing non-maternity clothes because of the unsightly bulges, a tummy tuck might be the solution you are looking for.
  2. You did not give birth or undergo an extreme weight loss but you have sagging skin around your midsection or loose abdominal muscles that cannot be tightened by diet and exercise.
  3. When the skin has been stretched out to its elasticity limit, even a liposuction will not be able to resolve the skin laxity issue. If you have lost a lot of weight to address an obesity problem, you will end up with excess skin under your arms, inside your thighs, and around your tummy. The only solution is to remove the excess skin and abdominal tissue to flatten your stomach and trim down your waistline.
  4. If you have reached a decision not to get pregnant anymore and want to regain your pre-pregnancy body, it is time to discuss a tummy tuck with a board-certified plastic surgeon. A skilled surgeon will be able to reverse the effect of pregnancy (like a stretched out abdominal wall) with a tummy tuck procedure.
  5. An apple-shaped body carries more weight (and fullness!) around the midriff. If you have this body shape and cannot achieve a more toned figure through exercise and dieting, consider a tummy tuck! The procedure will sculpt your body into a leaner shape.

Give It A Go!

If you demonstrate any of the above signs, are in a good state of health and physical fitness, but have excess skin or fat you wish could be removed—a tummy tuck may just be the ultimate procedure for you.

Our Harvard-trained plastic surgeon Dr. Sacha Obaid, combines advanced equipment and surgical techniques with artistry, to ensure that you’ll get a body you would be proud to flaunt anywhere! Get in touch with us, and we’ll set you up for a free consultation with Dr. Obaid to discuss your body contouring options at any of our office locations.

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