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TruSculpt Flex in Dallas

TruSculpt Flex in Dallas

Many people dream about achieving visibly defined muscle contours without the time and effort required to exercise regularly. Yet as many of us know all too well, exercise may be a successful weight loss method but provides little to improve your muscle definition. However, you could simulate the results of working out with the non-invasive approach of TruSculpt Flex in Dallas.

TruSculpt Flex technology uses electrical stimulation to mimic the effects of working out in several areas simultaneously, in significantly less time. The treatment could tone and contour both large and smaller muscle groups, including the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. If you are interested in hearing more about this non-invasive treatment process and its possible benefits, get in touch with our team at North Texas Plastic Surgery.

How Does TruSculpt Flex Sculpt the Muscles?

TruSculpt Flex treatments that we provide in Southlake and elsewhere in North Texas offer three different modes of multi-directional electrical stimulation to mimic the effects of twisting, squatting, and crunch exercises. The procedure applies gradually increasing electrical stimulation to up to eight targeted groups of muscles through pads placed on the skin for 45 minutes. Afterward, patients may feel slight muscle soreness in treatment areas for a few days, but there are no other side effects, so they may immediately resume their routine.

The first phase, Prep, is similar to stretching before a workout, including twisting motions, to create a tolerance for muscle contractions. TruSculpt Flex treatments’ next intensity level, the Tone mode, improves muscle endurance and core strength by forcing the muscles to hold contractions for extended periods. The final treatment mode, Sculpt, increases the speed and intensity of muscle contractions to increase muscle mass.

Typically, patients see the full effects between eight and 12 weeks after completing their customized TruSculpt Flex treatment course. TruSculpt Flex patients in see, on average, a 30 percent increase in muscle mass after completing several treatments, often accompanied by increased muscle strength. Most patients undergo between four and six treatment sessions, but the number of TruSculpt Flex necessary for adequate improvements varies between patients.

Who Could Benefit from TruSculpt Flex Treatments?

Individuals at any fitness level, ranging from beginner to expert, who want to boost muscle strength and tone could benefit from a TruSculpt Flex treatment course in our Plano office. Patients primarily target the abdominal, thigh, and buttock muscles with TruSculpt Flex, but the legs and arms may also be treated.

However, these treatments are exclusively for improving muscle contours and do not help eliminate excess fat cells in treated areas. Therefore, suitable candidates must shed excess fat first for TruSculpt Flex treatments to enhance their muscle definition successfully. Once treatment areas do not have a significant amount of fat covering the muscles, TruSculpt can sufficiently target the muscle contours.

In addition to enhancing multiple characteristics of the muscles, TruSculpt Flex treatments could further improve your figure by increasing your metabolic rate. Due to a boosted metabolism, patients often report more endurance for exercise and increased fat loss after undergoing treatment.

Learn More During a TruSculpt Flex Consultation in Dallas

Though you may be regularly exercising and following a healthy diet, gaining muscle strength and improving muscle tone take significant time and effort, and may not even occur at all. However, TruSculpt Flex offers a non-invasive option in Dallas for simulating the effects of thousands of muscle contractions within a single 45-minute treatment session.

Since the treatment is more effective when there is little body fat to disrupt electrical stimulation to muscles, discussing treatment with one of our Board-certified plastic surgeons beforehand is best. Contact North Texas Plastic Surgery for a consultation to talk more about this exciting new process, your specific treatment plan, and the possible results.

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