The IDEAL Breast Implant and the Warranty the Manufacturer Provides


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Let’s talk about the IDEAL Breast Implant and the warranty the manufacturer provides. The IDEAL Breast Implant company stands behind their product with a 10-year warranty. Here’s what’s covered. If your breast implant ruptures in the first 10 years they’re going to do two things: number one, they’re going to give you a replacement implant and number two, they’re going to pay $3500 towards the cost of the surgery to replace the implant. That’s the first thing. The second thing that they’re going to cover is capsular contracture on a limited basis. Capsular contracture is a hardening of the breast implant. If you get a severe capsular contracture with an Ideal breast implant in the first 10 years they’re going to give you a free replacement implant. They are not, however, going to pay any money towards the surgery to replace that implant. Knowing that they stand behind their product should give you confidence that the IDEAL Breast Implant is a great choice for you. Thanks. For more information about IDEAL Breast Implant, breast augmentation, and warranties check out our website And to see us perform breast augmentations live, check out our Snapchat feed at therealdoctoro. And for great selfies from patients following surgery, check out our Instagram feed @realdoctoro. This is Sacha Obaid saying thank you.

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