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10 Apartment-Friendly Cardio Moves



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Apartment living limits you to a small space and places you in close proximity to other residents in your building. If you want to keep to a regular workout routine at home but don’t want to irk the neighbors with the noise, here are 10 apartment-friendly cardio moves you can do to burn calories and stay in good shape.

Grab a dumbbell in each hand and lie on your back across a mat. Raise the dumbbells above your chest while keeping your elbows straight. Lower both arms slowly above your head, bending the elbows at a 90-degree angle as the dumbbells reach the mat on either side of your head. Then, lift your arms back up to their starting position. Do 20 reps of this to feel the burn.

This exercise targets the glutes and hamstring muscles. With your abs engaged, walk up and down the stairs in your apartment building for at least 15 minutes a day.

This move is performed by stepping your right foot to the side with arms raised over the head. When your foot touches the floor bring the left knee up towards your right elbow. Do the same set of moves with your left foot.

Stand with your feet shoulder apart, face head forward, and hold chest up and out. Sit down to an imaginary chair with your thighs parallel to the floor and knees over your ankles. Return to the starting position by pushing your body up through your heels while keeping your body tight. Perform 20 squats.

Stand up and place your left foot back and up on a chair while keeping the right leg straight. Bend the right knee and lower your pelvis into the ground. Make sure that your right foot is out far enough to the front so that your knee is directly above your ankle. Rise back up to starting position by straightening your right leg. Two sets of 10 reps for each leg are enough.

Perform a single-leg deadlift (no equipment needed–you need only execute the motion!). To do this, bend downwards, extending your arms as the tips of your fingers touch the floor, making sure that one leg is lifted behind you as you perform this. Then, lift yourself back up into a standing position, lifting the same leg to the side, and raising your arms overhead, imitating a jumping jack ROM. Switch to the other leg and do the same movements.

Lie on your back with your arms up above your head and legs pointed up to the ceiling. Swing your arms forward to touch your toes, lifting your head and shoulders off the ground in the process. Two sets of 10 reps are enough.

Hold a low squat, then move from side to side, extending one leg behind you (similar to how you switch legs in a skaters workout) as you go.

In a plank position, lower your right forearm to the ground followed by the left arm, to come onto an elbow plank. Ensure that your navel is drawn toward your spine to avoid injuring your lower back. Push on the floor with your right hand and then your left to return to a plank position while keeping your torso parallel to the floor. Do two sets of 10 reps.

All you need are a yoga mat, a cushion for meditation, a yoga strap or belt, and a pair of yoga blocks for this workout. If you will try it for the first time, watching a DVD or streaming a yoga class in your phone, tablet, or laptop will help jumpstart your apartment yoga practice.

  • Tricep Extension (Lying)
  • Climb Up and Down the Stairs
  • Up and Over Steps and Knees
  • Classic Squat
  • Elevated Lunge
  • Deadlift Jacks
  • Toe-Touch Crunch
  • Low Lateral Steps
  • Up-Down Plank
  • Yoga Flow
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