6 Face Yoga Poses That’ll Make You Look Like You Had a Facelift

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By Sacha Obaid

Did you know there are facial exercises you can do to make you look younger? You can widen your eyes to expose as much of the white as you can to help smooth out the wrinkles in your forehead. Hold this pose as long as you can before your eyes begin to water. This is known as the “surprise me” exercise and helps work the muscles around your eyes and forehead, which can diminish the effects of scowling.

From those addicted to BOTOX® to celebrities desperate to try everything and anything, everyone loves face yoga. Why? It’s easy, and it’s free! Face yoga will help relax and tone your facial muscles.

Some dermatologists say the movements of some of the exercises stretch and flex your skin, perhaps causing wrinkles. Others say it doesn’t do anything for your skin at all, and others say it soothes tension in your face and helps give you a natural face lift.

Discover more about yoga face you can do to slow or reverse the effects of aging.

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