The Best and Worst Booze to Drink If You Want to Lose Weight

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By Sacha Obaid

If you love to drink but are trying to lose weight, you know you need to cut booze out of your diet. Thankfully, there is some liquor you can drink even while on a diet. For example, a glass of red or white wine may be acceptable, as wine is low in calories compared to beer. Vermouth is also low in calories and contains polyphenol compounds, which can promote weight loss.

To cut calories, go for straight liquor on the rocks. Most 80 proof hard liquors have about the same amount of calories and carbs. The difference between drinks with higher and lower alcohol content doesn’t have much of an effect on calories. Keep in mind that if you enjoy a sweet liquor, it may contain more calories. Flavored rum and vodka might have more calories than their plain counterparts.

If you are a beer drinker, light beers can contain fewer calories and carbs than regular beer. Ultra-light beers tend to have about half the calories as light beers. Just don’t use this as justification to drink more, as light and ultra-light beers still have more calories coming from the alcohol than standard beer.

Find out what else you can drink while on a diet.

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