How to Choose the Best Workout for Your Current Mood
clock-icon   August 2, 2015
How to Choose the Best Workout for Your Current Mood
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You can now harness the power of an effective workout based on your mood. If you find it hard to stick to a weekly routine, you will notice that pairing your mood to your workout can help you benefit.

For example, if you are mad, try kickboxing to blow off some steam. You can also try lifting some weights or going on a long run to burn off that angry energy.

If you are stressed, yoga can help you mellow out. Yoga can help you stretch and de-stress from a rough day at work or school.

If you are in a good mood, go for a light run. If you are feeling bold, embrace the adventurer inside, and find a new uphill hiking trail. Hiking can take you back to your roots by giving your small stabilizer muscles the workout they deserve.

A dip in the pool can help cure sadness. By immersing yourself in calming water, you can let your sadness float away as you move. Swimming helps give you your own space, both mentally and physically.

A bike ride is great for a mellow mood. Going out on your bike and following wherever the road takes you can put your mind at ease.

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