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clock-icon   September 11, 2018

Foods to Balance Raging Hormones

What to Eat When Your Hormones Are Raging



Source: Veganfoody (via Tumblr)
Have you ever had trouble keeping your hormones under control? It can sometimes get really difficult to bring things back in order, especially when we depend on our hormones to regulate important aspects of our health including our metabolism, mood, and growth. Insulin, progesterone, estrogen, thyroid, and other important chemical messengers work in harmony to make sure our bodies are functioning efficiently all day every day.

While there are many things that may cause hormonal imbalance in women, some of the common causes are:

  • constant stress
  • taking birth control pills
  • extreme dieting
  • inadequate nutrition


If you’re going through hormonal imbalance, you may experience feeling more tired and irritable than usual. You may also experience uncalled for headaches, anxiety, weight gain, and an inability to focus on daily tasks.

While these symptoms can be avoided by hydrating properly, getting plenty of sleep, reducing stress, and working out consistently, there are plenty of foods you can incorporate into your diet in order to get things under control. Here are some of the things you need to look for on your next trip to the grocery.

Look out for your gut.

Research shows that gut health equates to hormonal balance. Start your day by drinking 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with 3 tablespoons of water. This simple concoction has been proven to greatly improve digestion and gut health.

Make this part of your morning routine. If this isn’t your cup of tea, you can also wake up your digestive system naturally by drinking some lemon tea or ginger tea.

Don’t forget about fats and fiber.

It’s a must to consume a good amount of healthy fats and fiber-rich foods every day to keep your blood sugar balanced. These include walnuts, avocados, coconut, and fish. Try to add color to your meals by incorporating plenty of leafy greens and berries as well. Spinach, kale, cauliflower, and citrus fruits also belong in this category.

Load up on protein.

Chicken, fish, and legumes are proteins that can easily be digested by the body. Choose lean and tender meat, or opt for plant-based proteins like almonds, chia seeds, mushrooms, and Brussel sprouts.

Maintain an anti-inflammatory diet.

Food that are highly processed or contain refined sugars and carbohydrates to steer away from! Consuming these types of food can disrupt your digestion, so as much as you can, avoid eating food that contains a lot of gluten, dairy, or lactose. And yes, you must stay away from alcohol too.

When you think about it, it takes a lot of self-control to gain back control over our own hormones. The best we can do is stay active and stick to a diet that really helps optimize our bodies. Balanced hormones result to great focus, happiness, healthy skin, and so much more. So before writing that grocery list, make sure to note which foods to put in the cart and which foods are better off left on the shelves.

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