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clock-icon   January 11, 2019

Fun Alternative Workouts for When You’re Bored of Your Usual Gym Sesh



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It feels really good to master a workout routine. You have all the right to be extremely proud of yourself when something that was once so difficult and painful to get through is now a walk in the park. But like all routines, you might find your usual workouts to be tedious and boring.

Here are some alternative workout routines that can definitely help you revamp your gym sessions for the new year.

Aerial Yoga


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Ditch the mat and take your workout to the next level with aerial yoga. This gravity-defying workout which makes use of a sling-like hammock may seem intimidating, but don’t fret. You don’t need to be an acrobat to achieve the different poses that can reap tons of benefits.

You’ll be forced to engage your core once you’re in the hammock suspended in mid-air because unlike ground workouts, aerial yoga makes you lose your point of stability. Give this fun workout a try if you’re looking to burn fat and strengthen your abdominal muscles in a way that’s easy on the joints.




This ballet-inspired workout has gotten the interest of A-listers and supermodels alike. Although the workout includes small, isometric movements with dumbbells, resistance bands, and your own bodyweight, you don’t have to be a ballerina to join the class. Barre will help you tone up fast and achieve a dancer-like body over time.

If you’re looking for a super fun, low impact workout that’ll still give you amazing results, then give barre a shot! See changes in as fast as six weeks and meet new friends along the way.


Pole Dancing


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The new year brings in new challenges, and what better way to level up your fitness routine than by taking up pole dancing? This workout engages all the muscles in your body, requiring you to have strong arms and a powerful core that can support you through various positions on the pole.

Build muscle, improve flexibility, and burn as much as 800 calories in an hour with this intense but satisfying workout. Not only will you feel invincible after each session, pole dancing can help you get rid of stress as well!




Source: Shape
When a workout routine is fun, you’re more motivated to stick to your schedule. Using a trampoline for cardio and aerobic workouts increases endurance, improves blood circulation, and helps you shed excess fat in an enjoyable way. If you’re not exactly fond of running for miles to lose weight, do trampolining instead. Ten minutes of bouncing around can help you shed as much calories as you would running a mile.

Trampoline exercises strengthen your bones, cells, and muscles and leave you more energized after each session. On top of that, it also brings you several health benefits including toned muscles, strengthened joints, and reduced stress levels.

These alternative workouts can definitely help you lose weight and work towards a healthier lifestyle. But when you’re dealing with loose skin or stubborn pockets of fat in some areas, then it may be time to take the surgical route.

Plastic surgeons highly recommend liposuctiontummy tuckarm lift, and thigh lift for fat and loose skin removal. These procedures provide ultimate solutions for body conditions that can’t be addressed with diet and exercise alone.

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