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clock-icon   March 4, 2015

How to Know If It’s Time for a Tummy Tuck

Posted: March 4, 2015

By Sacha Obaid

One plastic surgery procedure that many men and women dream about is a tummy tuck. This procedure allows doctors to gently remove excess fat, skin, and tissue from your midsection to give you a flatter, more toned tummy. It’s fantastic for patients who can’t lose the extra weight around their middles or who have excess skin from pregnancies or weight gain.

If you’ve thought about getting a tummy tuck in the past, keep reading to find out if it’s time to make your dream come true!

Are You a Good Candidate?

You’re a good tummy tuck candidate if you…

1. are fit and healthy but still have fat deposits or loose abdominal skin.

In order to have a successful tummy tuck, it’s essential that you have tried to get rid of the fat on your own. Plastic surgeons love to work on patients who are fit and healthy. This usually means the patient exercises regularly, eats right, and maintains a decent weight. These types of patients tend to have the best results and possess the ability to maintain their results after surgery.

2. are a woman who has had several pregnancies.

Having a baby causes a woman’s abdominal muscles and skin to stretch greatly. Many women who have multiple pregnancies never see their stomachs return to normal naturally. These women are perfect candidates for tummy tucks. With a few nips and tucks, plastic surgeons can tighten their abdominal muscles and remove any excess skin from their abdomens.

Should You Wait?

You should wait a little longer for a tummy tuck if you…

1. want a quick fix for weight loss.

These types of patients have a tendency to regain their weight after the procedure.

2. are at the beginning or in the middle of your weight loss journey.

If a patient intends to lose a large portion of weight after their surgery, it could affect their surgical outcome, and they may need another procedure once their weight loss journey is complete.

3. are a woman who intends to have another pregnancy.

Another pregnancy can completely undo the work of a plastic surgeon and may cause the woman to need a repeat procedure.

If you don’t fall into one of these three categories, then waiting to have a tummy tuck isn’t necessary! Instead, you can focus your energy on preparing for your surgery. Exercising, eating right, and speaking with your surgeon are all wonderful ways to prepare for your body-changing procedure. By sticking to a healthy diet and exercise plan, you can prep for surgery, giving your body a burst of nutrients to help you heal.

Your surgeon is also a wealth of information before and after your procedure. Ask any questions you have. The more you know, the more comfortable you will feel on the day of your surgery.

If you’re a good candidate and you’ve been considering plastic surgery for some time now, call a board-certified plastic surgeon today. And get excited about achieving the body you desire!

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