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clock-icon   July 18, 2016

Myths Mastered: Breast Augmentation Facts Over Fiction

By Sacha Obaid

Breast augmentation continues to be one of the most popular cosmetic enhancement surgeries—maybe you’ve even thought about doing it! Unfortunately, there’s a lot of incorrect information online. If you’ve been doing research on the net, you might have picked up a few myths along the way. We’re debunking some of the most common breast augmentation myths in favor of breast augmentation facts.

Myth #1: Breast implants look fake.

If you’re thinking of getting breast implants, your biggest concern could be that they’ll look fake. Twenty years ago, that might have been the case! These days, breast implant technology is much more advanced. Implants can look completely natural when they’re placed by a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Obaid. Choosing a realistic size and an appropriate method of placement also ensures that your breast implants look just like natural breasts.

People will never know you have breast implants, unless you tell them yourself!

Myth #2: Implants don’t feel like natural breasts.

Again, this myth is a holdover from decades ago, when breast implant technology was new. Old-style saline implants didn’t feel very natural, but with the advent of silicone implants, it became possible to have a breast augmentation that resulted in very natural-feeling breasts.

Prefer to avoid silicone implants? There are now saline implants called IDEAL IMPLANTS® that are specially constructed with three extra shells to help them move more like real breast tissue (and keep you safer)!

Myth #3: Silicone implants are dangerous because they can rupture and leak.

There has been a lot of debate about the safety of silicone implants. This is because all implants have a small chance of rupturing.

In the 1990s, rupture could be dangerous because the silicone could leak from the implant, but this is highly unlikely to happen now because new-generation silicone gel is much thicker and doesn’t leak if an implant breaks. According to the FDA, modern silicone implants are safe and effective.

Myth #4: Silicone implants are better than saline breast implants.

This isn’t so much a myth as it is an opinion. It really depends on what you want from your breast implants! Most people think that silicone looks and feels more natural than saline. Some people prefer saline implants because they can be placed in the breast through a smaller incision, which means they cause less visible scarring.

The best way to find out what works for you is to have a consultation with a board-certified surgeon. What makes the consultation even more helpful? Using 3D technology like Crisalix to actually see how your breasts would look on you!

Myth #5: Some women are too petite to have implants.

Not at all! The key to looking great with breast implants is choosing an implant size and shape that suits your body type. For petite women, an implant with a small diameter and a high profile can give you plenty of volume without creating a bust line that looks unnatural. Talk to your surgeon about what kinds of breast implants will look great on your body.

Myth #6: Breast enhancement surgery is too risky.

All surgery is risky to a certain degree, but the fact is, breast implant surgery has no more risk than any other cosmetic surgery. Whether it’s a butt lift or a tummy tuck, there’s approximately the same level of risk involved.

If you’re concerned, talk to your surgeon. They’ll discuss with you the things you can do to reduce your risk, such as giving up smoking and improving your overall health.

Myth #7: You’ll have no breast sensation after getting implants.

Some women do experience temporary loss of nipple sensation after breast implant surgery; however, as the nerves heal and adjust to the new breast size, nipple sensation returns over the course of a few months. It’s very rare to permanently lose all nipple sensation.

Myth #8: If you have breast implants, you won’t be able to breastfeed.

Some women find that their milk production is reduced if they breastfeed after getting implants, but most women can produce milk as normal. If you’re concerned, talk to your surgeon to make sure that your choice of implants and placement will still allow you to breastfeed.

Myth #9: Implants are the only way to enhance your breasts.

Myth! You can increase your bust size without implants! In a breast augmentation with fat transfer, fat is removed from another part of your body with liposuction. It’s then transferred to your breasts to increase their volume. Liposuction plus fat transfer means you’re enhancing two areas of your body at once!

A breast lift can also enhance your breasts, even if you don’t have implants, by reducing the sagging that occur over time and after childbirth and breastfeeding.


Myth #10: Fat transfer surgery doesn’t work permanently.

Definitely false! In fact, the truth is exactly the opposite. If you have a breast augmentation with fat transfer, around 50% of the fat that’s transferred will remain there for life. The procedure gives you lasting results that you can rely on.

Myth #11: Recovery from breast augmentation will be long and painful.

Recovering from surgery is never easy, but breast augmentation recovery is surprisingly straightforward. In fact, some women say that recovering from having wisdom teeth removed is harder!

Most women find that they experience only a little pain and that any pain is easily managed with the painkillers their surgeons prescribe. Often, the most challenging part of recovery is having to limit physical activity to allow time for the breasts to heal.

Myth #12: Women are often unhappy with their results.

Not at all, and what they’re saying proves it! On the popular plastic surgery website, 96% of people who had breast implants say that their procedures were worth it. Of women who had breast augmentations with fat transfer, 84% give the procedure a “worth it” rating. Those are some pretty high approval ratings!

There are so many rumors and myths that it’s sometimes hard to know what are the breast augmentation facts! If you’re thinking about breast augmentation and are in the Dallas / Ft Worth area, get your facts from a reliable source: an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Obaid today, and keep in mind that you have choices! He will work with you to ensure the process you choose is right for you.

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