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clock-icon   February 20, 2023

Should I Lose Weight Before a Breast Augmentation?

You probably already know too well how weight can impact your breast size. A little extra weight often plumps up breasts, while losing that weight can leave your chest looking deflated. Keeping this in mind, women seeking a breast augmentation in North Texas often come to us with the question, “Should I lose weight before a breast augmentation?”

The truth is that it is best to be at your ideal weight before you undergo your breast augmentation or breast enhancement surgery. Our team of expert plastic surgeons recommend that, in order to get good results from plastic surgery of any kind, it is essential to start with a solid foundation. Before your breast surgery, your weight should be stable and you should be comfortable with staying at that weight, or close to it.

How Your Weight Can Affect Your Breast Implants

Since breast augmentation affects your overall proportion, our medical team takes a number of things into consideration before recommending the  ideal size for your breast implants to you, including your body weight and frame. This is all determined during your initial consultation.

Typically, we suggest smaller implants for slimmer women with a thin frame for a more natural look. However, if you have wider hips and shoulders, your body might need larger breast implants. Therefore, the size of your body is critical during the initial consultation, and any significant change in either direction afterward could dramatically impact your results.

For example, if you happen to lose a significant amount of weight following your breast enhancement surgery, your new breast implants may begin drooping, or your breasts may lose some of their fullness. On the other hand, if you gain a considerable amount of weight, your augmented breasts may increase to an undesirable size.

The key takeaway is: If you are planning to make changes to your weight, we recommend that you do it well before you have your surgery. Then, you should commit to maintaining that weight to ensure that your beautiful results, and gorgeous new body, is maintained over time.

Remain at a Stable Weight Prior to Your Augmentation

Our team of medical experts strongly recommend that you should stay at a stable weight before you undergo breast enhancement. However, being at the “right” weight for surgery is knowing when you feel comfortable in your own skin. So, if you are a few pounds lighter or heavier than your “ideal” weight but you have maintained that weight over time, do not try to change your weight. Here is why you should aim to be at a stable weight:

  • “Yo-yo” and “fad” dieting is linked to health conditions including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, and diabetes
  • Unstable weight gain takes a toll on your skin – ageing it faster and making it lose elasticity

We strongly recommend that you be at your ideal weight before you undergo your breast augmentation, both to ensure optimal, long-lasting results from the surgery and to protect your long-term health.

Call Us to Discuss Losing Weight Before Getting a Breast Augmentation

With a commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients, our highly trained plastic surgeons are masters in advanced, cutting-edge surgical techniques of the breast – not just breast augmentation and breast lift, but breast reduction as well.

We strongly believe in taking an individualized approach with our patients, ensuring that your unique needs are met, prioritizing not only a beautifully aesthetic result, but also keeping your wellness and safety at the forefront. Call North Texas Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation and learn how your weight may impact your desired procedure.

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Real patient posing breast augmentation 
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