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With Crisalix 3D Technology, Your Plastic Surgery Is a Virtual Reality
clock-icon   July 7, 2016

With Crisalix 3D Technology, Your Plastic Surgery Is a Virtual Reality

By Sacha Obaid

Have you ever thought about having some kind of plastic surgery and then hesitated because you just didn’t know how the results would look? You are not alone! For many people, concerns about the outcome of plastic surgery are the main reason they hold back from having the procedures they want. If you’re in this position, North Texas Plastic Surgery has access to a technology that could be the solution: Crisalix. This amazing innovation can visualize your plastic surgery, so you can see the new you, even before you have your procedure.

What exactly is Crisalix?

Crisalix is the very first web-based 3D simulation app designed for plastic surgery simulation. It’s a simple but effective computer program that can alter images of real people to show how they’d look after having breast implants or other facial procedures. With this program, Dr. Obaid can turn photos of you into three-dimensional images. Then he can use the computer software to show you how your breasts would change with implants.

Crisalix has also designed 3D glasses that allow you to “try on” different pairs of breasts, just as if you were in a store’s dressing room, trying on new clothes. To use this system, Dr. Obaid scans your body with a sensor. Then you put on the Crisalix 3D headset. The computer program creates the 3D environment, and you’re ready to start! Once you’re wearing the glasses, you can try on different breast shapes and sizes to see which results you like best on your own body.

Want some more help with your decision-making process? No problem! You can even share your 3D simulations with family and friends.

How does the Crisalix 3D Plastic Surgery Simulator work?

All it takes is three photographs of yourself:

  1. A frontal view image
  2. One image taken from your left side
  3. One taken from your right side

Take photos of your upper body if you’re considering breast implants. You can take the photos at home and then bring them to your consultation, or your surgeon can take the photos. You or your surgeon can then upload the images to the Crisalix software, and the computer program does the rest.

There’s even technology that allows your surgeon to scan your body with a sensor, rather than taking photos. Either way you choose to do it, each of these simple processes ends up with the same results—an easy way to see the new you!

Once your body has been scanned or your photos have been uploaded, it takes only a few minutes for the computer app to create a 3D image of your body. Then, with a few clicks, you can start looking at different options for your surgery.

How has Crisalix changed plastic surgery consultations?

Crisalix is the first online 3D plastic surgery simulator. Before it started being used in plastic surgeons’ offices, there were a few ways you could get an idea of what you would look like after a breast augmentation:

  1. You described to your surgeon the results you wanted.
  2. You discussed the possibility of that outcome with your surgeon and how it could be achieved.
  3. Your surgeon showed you before-and-after photos of other people’s surgeries – These were typically photos of people with similar body types who had similar procedures. Still, there can be a big difference between someone else’s surgery and your own results, even if their body shape is similar to yours. No two bodies are the same, and no two surgical results are the same, either.
  4. Your surgeon showed you two-dimensional, computer-generated images – These could give you a rough idea of what to expect, but older computer programs were unable to provide results that were as highly realistic as Crisalix because the programs would alter the images in ways that a surgeon couldn’t mimic in surgery.

Crisalix has changed the consultation process for the better, and, in this case, a picture truly is worth a thousand words! Crisalix’s 3D technology is much more accurate than older 2D programs and produces better-quality, more realistic images. Thanks to the Crisalix technology that Dr. Obaid uses at North Texas Plastic surgery, consultations for breast augmentations are more productive and more satisfying for patients.

Of course, it’s still important to discuss your questions, concerns, and expectations with Dr. Obaid, but now that you have the ability to see exactly how you’ll look after surgery, you’ll find the consultation process is easier, clearer, and more reassuring.

Crisalix turns your dream into virtual reality.

With Crisalix technology, there’s no need to worry about how your body will look after you have breast implants. If you’re looking at breast implants, for example, you can choose from a wide range of sizes: from 200cc all the way up to 1,000cc. You can also choose to see different implant shapes and implantation methods.

Another great advantage of this technology is that Crisalix helps you understand what to expect from surgery. When people are disappointed with the outcome of their plastic surgery, it’s often because they had unrealistic expectations of what their body would look like afterward. Crisalix helps solve that problem because when you can see exactly what your body will look like, your expectations about the surgery are that much more realistic.

If you wonder about the possible results of breast implants, Crisalix 3D technology can help you be sure you’re making a great decision for you! If you’d like to try Crisalix for yourself and consult with our board-certified surgeon, Dr. Obaid, call 972-627-4175 to schedule a consultation.

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