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butt lift before and after dallas plano texas plastic surgeryWhile procedures such as breast augmentations and tummy tucks are still very popular options for women who want to improve their shape, the butt lift is starting to get its share of attention. Of all plastic surgery procedures, the butt lift is the one that will help you not only give you the appearance of having a slimmer waist but will improve the overall fit of your pants as well.

If you want to feel great about how your butt looks, North Texas Plastic Surgery is the place to go. Our surgeon's skill and experience in performing the butt lift procedure has helped many women in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas feel confident about their butts again! Call 817-416-8080 today to schedule a free consultation at our office in Southlake or Plano.

What Is a Butt Lift?

A butt lift is a procedure wherein the shape of the butt is improved using surgical methods. The procedure typically involves adding volume to the buttocks in the form of fat transfer or butt implants. When the volume is added by implanting fat, the procedure is called a Brazilian butt lift.

Why Have a Butt Lift?

If you’re unhappy with the size or shape of your butt, it can affect the way you feel about your whole body. Not only that, but it also affects the way your clothes fit. If your butt is out of proportion with the rest of your body, it alters the fit and appearance of dresses, skirts, pants, and shorts.

A butt lift can address all of these problems by enhancing the size of your butt to give it a round fullness and firmness that improves your body proportions, gives you a confidence boost, improves the fit of your clothes, and helps you look and feel great in whatever you wear.

Brazilian Butt Lift Patient Review

Note that the butt lift procedure is only done to shape and contour the butt. It is purely a cosmetic procedure, which means there are no medical or health problems that can be addressed with a butt lift.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Butt Lift?

To be a good butt lift candidate, you want to add volume to your buttocks to improve their size and shape. For a Brazilian butt lift, you’ll need to have excess fat elsewhere on your body, as this procedure involves transplanting your own fat to your buttocks. If you don’t have enough body fat, butt implants may be a possible alternative.

It’s also important that you’re in good general health — to ensure a smooth recovery — and are at a stable weight. This is necessary because gaining or losing weight after having a butt lift can affect the results of the procedure. The ideal candidate is also non-smoker, as smoking can slow down the body’s ability to heal. If you’re a smoker, it’s important to quit temporarily before and after surgery to allow your body to heal at a normal pace.

Finally, you’re someone who has realistic expectations for the procedure, both in terms of your body goals and of what you hope to gain in self-confidence.

Surgical Methods for Lifting the Butt

There are two methods for lifting the butt and adding volume: the Brazilian butt lift and the butt lift with implants.

  • Brazilian Butt Lift: In this procedure fat is removed from elsewhere on the body via liposuction. The fat that’s removed is purified and then implanted into the
    buttocks. This increases their size and makes them firmer and rounder.
    • Not all injected fat will “take” and become a permanent part of the butt. The fat that does not take dies and is simply reabsorbed by the body. Even so, the Brazilian lift is typically the preferred procedure over the implant lift, as the transferring of fat will have a much higher likelihood of altering the shape of the butt.
  • Butt Lift with Implants: This alternative is for people who don’t have enough body fat for a Brazilian butt lift. In this procedure round or oval silicone implants are inserted into the butt via an incision made in the crease between the buttocks.

Are the Effects of a Brazilian Butt Lift Permanent?

If you have a Brazilian butt lift, the transferred fat that “takes” will be there for life.

If you have butt implants, however, they will need to be replaced every 8 to 12 years.

What Happens at a Consultation for a Butt Lift?

At your butt lift consultation, you’ll meet with Dr. Obaid at his North Texas Plastic Surgery office in Plano or Southlake. We will discuss the goals you have for your body and how you think a butt lift will help achieve those goals.

Another important part of the consultation is a physical examination. This is important because to have a Brazilian butt lift, you need to have excess body fat that can be removed via liposuction for transfer into the buttocks. During the physical exam, the plastic surgeon will examine your body, and together you’ll identify problem areas where fat can be removed for transplantation.

At your consultation you’ll also have the opportunity to take advantage of the Crisalix 3D simulation virtual reality system, which allows you to see what the changes to your body will look like. This involves taking a small number of photos of your body and using them to create a 3D computerized image of your body.

Your consultation is a good opportunity to talk with our doctor about combining a butt lift with other procedures. The Brazilian butt lift is already combined with liposuction, as this is necessary to get the fat needed for transferring into the buttocks; however, some people choose to combine the Brazilian butt lift with other procedures designed to improve their silhouette, such as a breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, or even a mommy makeover.

You’ll also have the chance to ask any questions you have about the procedure and get as much information as you need to make choices that are in line with your goals.

Your Butt Lift Surgery

Most procedures take place at our Southlake surgery center. On the morning of your procedure, you’ll have a pre-surgery consultation where you’ll be able to talk about any last-minute questions or concerns that you have.

During your Brazilian butt lift surgery, the plastic surgeon will perform liposuction using a modified method that allows the removed fat to be purified before it’s transferred into your buttocks. Fat is removed and transferred via tiny incisions that leave very little or no scarring.

The time it takes for the full procedure depends on how much fat is removed and how much fat is transferred. It generally takes around one hour to perform liposuction on one part of the body, so the full Brazilian usually takes several hours to complete.

Butt Lift Recovery

Once the butt lift is over, the recovery process begins. Depending on how much fat is removed via liposuction you’ll go home on the same day of the procedure, or you will have an overnight stay at our surgery center. If a larger amount of fat is removed, or if you combine your butt lift with other procedures, you’re more likely to have an overnight stay.

Improve Your Posterior with Brazilian Butt Lift SurgeryOnce you get home, it’s time for a day or two of rest. Most people experience a moderate amount of pain for around five days after their butt lift, and over-the-counter prescription medications are typically enough to keep you feeling comfortable.

The most difficult thing for many people during the first two to three weeks of their butt lift recovery is that they must avoid sitting down. This is important because it takes time for the transferred fat to develop its own blood supply, and this means that prolonged periods of time sitting down can actually damage the fat and reduce the likelihood that it will take.

While sitting or lying down on the back must be avoided, it’s important to get regular, gentle exercise. This is necessary to prevent problems such as blood clots; however, it should be limited to gentle movement, such as walking. Exercises such as squats and lunges, as well as any higher-impact forms of movement, should be avoided, along with strenuous, fat-burning exercise.

Wearing a compression garment during this time is also important. This helps to reduce swelling and helps the butt retain its new shape while the fat is healing. You may also need to wear compression garments on the parts of your body where you had liposuction to help them conform to their new shape.

If your butt seems much larger than you were expecting at this time, don’t be alarmed; this is because of the swelling. Over the next few weeks the swelling will go down, and your butt will gradually reach its new normal size.

After the initial two- to three-week period you can start sitting down for longer periods, but you should use a cushion when sitting to reduce the pressure on your buttocks. Light cardiovascular exercise can be resumed after three weeks, but it’s still best to keep fat-burning exercise to a minimum.

Around week six the transferred fat should be fully grafted and stabilized, so it’s generally okay to resume a normal level of activity, including fat-burning and higher-impact exercise.

It may take several weeks more for the swelling to completely go away, but within six to eight weeks, most of it will be gone, leaving you with your new, enhanced shape.

Ready for a New You?

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If a rounder, shapelier butt is your goal, a Brazilian butt lift may be the way to achieve it. Completed in an outpatient facility by a board-certified surgeon, this quick and safe procedure not only lifts your butt, it transfers unwanted fat from other areas of your body to do so.