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4 Reasons Men and Women Choose Chin Reshaping Surgery
clock-icon   March 11, 2015

4 Reasons Men and Women Choose Chin Reshaping Surgery

By Sacha Obaid

Many people don’t give their chin a second thought, but some consider their chin their least favorite feature. Chin reshaping and reduction surgery can be incredibly beneficial to anyone who believes their chin just isn’t right. If your chin is causing you to have poor self-esteem or is uncomfortable due to its large size, chin reduction surgery may be a great option for you.

Below are four of the most common reasons why men and women choose to undergo chin reshaping surgery:

1. Cosmetic Reasons

Most commonly, men and women choose chin reshaping and reduction surgery for cosmetic reasons. Your chin dominates a large part of your appearance. If it’s too large or small, your jaw line might not appear as pleasing as it could.

While some people may never think of their chins, an unusual or over-large chin can cause your overall appearance to seem out of sync. By reshaping or reducing the size of your chin, you can obtain the beautiful, chiseled jaw line of your dreams.

2. Medical Reasons

Having a large chin can actually cause medical issues, such as dental malocclusions or overbites and jaw pain during routine activities. As a result, many men and women choose chin reduction surgery for the medical benefits.

Chin reduction surgery can be performed during the correction of a severe dental overbite. Some patients who have severe overbites need their chins and jaw lines readjusted. Chin reduction surgery offers these patients a medical option that can help them achieve a perfect smile and reduce their discomfort while eating, drinking, and talking. It may also be a good choice for patients with jaw pain. Chin reduction surgery can help these patients feel less discomfort during everyday activities.

3. Psychological Reasons

Men and women who undergo chin reshaping or reduction surgery may also benefit psychologically. By improving their appearance or any health issues they have, they can enjoy renewed self-esteem and self-confidence. This can, in turn, give them a better outlook on their lives.

4. Surgical Reasons

Another great benefit of chin surgery is that it isn’t a very difficult procedure. Unlike some plastic surgeries, chin reshaping and reduction surgery is a fairly simple procedure and carries few risks. It is also a surgery that causes very little trauma to the surrounding tissue. This means that the recovery time after a chin reduction surgery is very quick.

Chin reduction and reshaping surgery is a procedure that many men and women choose to undergo. It can greatly impact a patient’s overall appearance and improve their self-esteem. If you’ve been considering improving the appearance or feel of your chin, look into this procedure today!

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