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clock-icon   October 21, 2022

Making a Winter Skin Care Routine

During the winter, the skin faces harsher elements that result in significant dryness for many people. Though over-the-counter products and topical solutions may make slight skin improvements, the best routine for winter skin care includes non-invasive Med Spa treatments. For instance, since dehydrated skin is a frequent concern during the colder months, specific treatments could rehydrate your skin to give you a perfect glow.

Since your cosmetic and skin care needs are unique, you could customize and combine treatments for additional improvements. Though maintaining your skin’s health requires follow-up sessions, repeated treatments help your skin become naturally healthier over time. So instead of worrying about your skin’s health and appearance during the holiday season, get in touch for more details on how Med Spa treatments are an excellent addition to your winter skin care routine.

Med Spa Treatments to Include in a Winter Skin Care Routine

Despite your best effort to keep your skin hydrated and healthy during cold weather months, winter skin care routines are more effective when they include Med Spa treatments.


A HydraFacial treatment cleanses and infuses your skin with essential nutrients, peptides, and antioxidants while exfoliating and removing dead or damaged skin cells. During the treatment, a vacuum-based abrasion tip runs across the skin to apply specific serums to the skin while exfoliating gently in combination with a mixture of acids to reveal healthy, hydrated skin. Depending on your skin dryness severity and your skin’s current condition, HydraFacial treatments could be scheduled every two to four weeks.


Similarly, a DiamondGlow treatment hydrates, cleanses, and exfoliates the skin to brighten and clear your complexion with a diamond-tipped device. This treatment is better suited for more intense extraction and exfoliation and includes serums to boost skin hydration. Further, like a HydraFacial, DiamondGlow treatments influence antioxidants, peptides, and nutrients into the skin and may be performed every two to four weeks.


Facials are an excellent option for patients who want a gentler skincare treatment that still substantially improves the skin. The treatments are customizable to patients’ unique skincare needs so that individual sessions may focus on issues including cleaning, brightening, or hydrating. Typically, patients may undergo a Med Spa facial treatment every three to four weeks.

Additional Weekly Winter Skin Care Tips

A vital component of a winter skincare routine is keeping the skin moisturized, especially when exposed to cold weather. Though Med Spa treatments help increase and maintain the skin’s moisture, most procedures require a few weeks between sessions. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure your skin is properly taken care of during that time, such as using moisturizer and a broad-spectrum SPF of at least 30 every day.

In addition to topical moisturizers, you could keep your winter skin hydrated by turning on a humidifier in your home to combat the heat from worsening skin dryness. It is essential to intake the necessary amount of water daily to ensure your products work more effectively and the skin is naturally hydrated. Lastly, since most people’s skin is more sensitive during the winter, ensure the skincare products you use are gentle and non-drying for the skin.

Learn More About Making a Skin Care Routine During the Winter

Many people find it difficult to keep their skin looking bright, clear, and hydrated in the winter due to cold weather, indulgent food and drink, and frequent social gatherings. However, adding specific treatments to your winter skin care routine could help keep you looking your best for holiday parties and endless photos. Some of the most popular procedures that we provide at North Texas Plastic Surgery includes DiamondGlow and HydraFacial treatments for intense hydration benefits every few weeks.

Most importantly, you need to stay hydrated, both inside and out, with humidifiers and a generous amount of daily water intake. Ask our team about the additional steps you could implement in your winter skincare routine for healthy, hydrated, and glowing skin during the holiday season.

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