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Monitoring Blood Oxygen Levels After Plastic Surgery

At North Texas Plastic Surgery, we are committed to helping our patients achieve their safest and most optimal recovery following all plastic surgery procedures.

As part of the consultation process, we will discuss the importance of patients monitoring their blood oxygen levels after plastic surgery. Whether you are in the pre-operative or post-operative stage, this is important information that affects your health and your surgical results.

What is Pulse Oximetry?

Pulse oximetry is a technique that measures your blood oxygen levels. By gauging how much oxygen is in your blood, pulse oximetry can assess your breathing and lung functions. This is particularly important during and after surgery, since it can determine how you are responding to anesthesia during surgery and monitor your lung function afterward, thereby ensuring your best possible recovery.

During surgery, our medical team will be monitoring all your vital signs, including your blood oxygen levels via pulse oximetry. Following your surgery, though, we may ask you to take your own pulse oximetry readings at home. We can give you a “pulse oximeter” (also known as a “pulse ox”) after your procedure at one of our clinics, so you can use it at home while you rest and recover from your treatment.

Pulse oximetry is simple and painless—and each test takes less than a minute to complete!

How To Use Your Pulse Oximeter at Home

For the first few days following your surgery, our surgical team asks that you check your blood oxygen levels several times a day. We may also ask you to use our software to send a reading to our clinic for review. To check your blood oxygen level, you just need to insert your finger into the device. This procedure is painless and only takes a few seconds.

During your initial consultation, as we discuss your surgical procedure, our medical team will take special care to thoroughly review how to use the pulse oximeter device, when you should test it, and how to send the results back to our office. You are always welcome to call us and connect with one of our plastic surgeons if you have any additional questions or concerns about monitoring your blood level or maximizing your recovery.

NTPS Helps You Monitor Your Blood Oxygen Level After Plastic Surgery

Our work is defined by world-class medical expertise and compassionate patient service! We specialize in a wide variety of plastic surgery procedures for your face, breasts, and body, and are led by an elite team of plastic surgeons who are masters of their craft.

To learn more about how to monitor your blood oxygen levels after your plastic surgery procedure, get in touch with us via phone or online form. Your safety is paramount, which is why we take blood oxygen level monitoring so seriously.

We hope to see you in our office soon!

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