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Cosmelan® Depigmentation Treatment in Dallas

Cosmelan® Depigmentation Treatment in Dallas

cosmelan chemical peel treatment dallas plano texas plastic surgeonHyperpigmentation and facial imperfections are, to put it bluntly, annoying. The face is obviously the focus of most conversations. It’s what friends, loved ones and co-workers are looking at when they talk to you. So any blemish or imperfection can seriously affect your sense of self-confidence.

The good news is that if you’re suffering from noticeable skin discoloration or inconsistent pigmentation, the Cosmelan® depigmentation treatment in Dallas represents a possible solution. At our office, we work with chemical peels to address pigmentation and discoloration in a way you’ll absolutely love.

If you live in Dallas, Southlake, Plano or any other nearby Texas community and you want to find a solution to facial discoloration, please call North Texas Plastic Surgery today for a free consultation.

How Does the Cosmelan® Depigmentation Treatment Work?

The color of your skin is the result of many factors, but on a direct, bio-chemical level, it’s caused by melanin, a naturally-occurring substance your body produces. Melanin is completely safe and natural, and there’s nothing wrong or dangerous about any particular color melanin produces.

However, in some cases your melanin production is inconsistent and uneven. This can result in patches of skin with drastically different colors. When this hyperpigmentation occurs in the facial region, it can be somewhat embarrassing. Cosmelan® is a chemical peel that works by inhibiting the production of melanin. It does this by blocking an enzyme called Tyrosinase. Cosmelan®’s main ingredient is prescription strength Hydroquinone 8% and 6% with an additional combination of natural acids and licorice extract.

Advantages of Cosmelan® include:

  • It’s the fastest-acting hyper-pigmentation treatment on the market
  • It’s safe for all skin types
  • It’s a great option for patients with melasma who can’t undergo laser skin treatment due to the heat of the lasers

cosmelan chemical peel treatment dallas plano texas plastic surgeonThe application of the Cosmelan® is quite simple. After thoroughly—but gently—cleaning your face, we will apply a thick “mask.” The peel will be applied over your entire face, though it will only affect the discolored or blotchy areas.

The process takes about 30 minutes. At that point you’ll head home for some rest and relaxation. After a few hours (we’ll give you a precise time), you’ll use a gentle cleanser to remove the Cosmelan® mask.

After Care and What to Expect

We’ll walk you through the process for your home post care regimen after removing your mask. You’ll need to apply a soothing gel a couple times a day for about two weeks, before eventually transitioning to just one time a day. About two or three days after your Cosmelan® depigmentation treatment in Dallas, your face will begin peeling. This is natural and normal. You’ll start seeing results shortly thereafter.

Side effects of Cosmelan® include:

  • Redness (appears similar to a sunburn)
  • Irritation
  • Dryness
  • Peeling (for the first three to five days after the mask is applied)

You can count on our registered nurse and skin care specialist to determine if Cosmelan® is right for you and to apply it safely and effectively if it is.

Contact North Texas Plastic Surgery for Dallas Cosmelan® Depigmentation Treatments

If you have questions about the Cosmelan® depigmentation treatment in Dallas or any other treatment available in or around Southlake or Plano, Texas, please call North Texas Plastic Surgery today for a free consultation and examination.

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