Comparing Breast Implant Warranty


VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Hi, I’m Dr. Sacha Obaid, a plastic surgeon with offices in Dallas, Southlake, and Plano, Texas. I want to take a minute to do a quick head-to-head comparison for you of the various breast implant warranties available on the market today. There are three major implant manufacturers of silicone implants in the United States today, they are: Sientra, Mentor, and Allergan. Each of them has their own warranty plan and each of it has some significant differences from the other. So I want to walk you through all of them. First big question you’re going to have is: what happens if they break? All three manufacturers are going to give you a free replacement implant in the first 10 years. In the first 10 years, all three are going to give you money towards the cost of the replacement procedure or surgery. In the case of Mentor and Allergan, that amount of money is $3500. In the case of Sientra, that amount of money is actually $5000. Now, Sientra actually takes this rupture warranty one step further and doesn’t just guarantee the implant for 10 years against rupture, they’ll actually pay you for 20 years and they’ll actually replace the implants themselves for a lifetime. The second big question is: what happens if the implants get hard? That’s a phenomenon called capsular contracture. And that’s where these companies really differ in their coverage. If you get capsular contracture all three manufacturers in the first 10 years are going to give you a replacement implant. In the case of Allergan, there is no financial assistance given to you for replacing your Allergan implant that’s got capsular contracture with a new one. In the case of Mentor, for their baseline warranty again, no financial coverage if you get capsular contracture. Just a replacement implant. In the case of Sientra, if you get that capsular contracture in the first two years they will pay $2000 towards your corrective surgery on top of the free replacement implant. Now, Mentor does offer an extended warranty plan essentially that you can purchase that will provide capsular contracture coverage and financial assistance for 10 years and they’ll actually pay $3500 towards the replacement surgery but that extended warranty plan costs $300. Overall, these warranties really should make you feel confident that these manufacturers take their products seriously and they stand behind them. But there are difference s and I want to make sure you understand them all. For more information on breast augmentation, visit our website or follow our Snapchat @therealdoctoro to watch breast augmentation live and to see some glorious before and afters check out our Instagram feed @realdoctoro. Thanks.

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