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Initial Consultations for a Rhinoplasty in Fort Worth

Initial Consultations for a Rhinoplasty in Fort Worth

Plastic surgery requires lots of planning – for both the patient and the medical team. If you are interested in augmenting or reshaping your nose, you will need to have an initial consultation for a rhinoplasty in Fort Worth. Call us to schedule a time to meet with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who can answer your questions and assess your goals. In addition to Fort Worth, we also have offices in Dallas, Plano, and Southlake.

How Should a Patient Prepare for an Initial Consultation?

People interested in a rhinoplasty should seek out the surgeon’s qualifications, read up on their biography and training background, and check out their before and after galleries to see their past work. It may also be beneficial to check out YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms that might showcase their experience.

Is There a Cost for a Rhinoplasty Consultation?

North Texas Plastic Surgery currently does not charge for any consultations, so patients are welcome to come and see us with no requirement to pay a fee unless they no-show at the appointment. Other surgeons will require a consultation fee of $200 or more, even if you don’t like what the surgeon has to say!

The initial consultation takes an hour on average.

What to Expect During the Consultation

When patients come to our Fort Worth office, they can expect to have a discussion about their aesthetic and functional goals for their nose. Patients should bring pictures of what they think is a good-looking nose so that they can have a frank discussion with the surgeon about the risks and benefits of trying to achieve those goals. The surgeon will tell the patient about the techniques they will utilize to achieve this goal,

Our plastic surgery team will talk about post-operative follow-up appointments and the timeline for recovery, including when to expect the pain, swelling, and bruising to subside. You will learn how long the procedure will take, how your family members will have to help you, and when it will be okay to return to work.

Preparation for the Recovery

It is critical to plan for time off. If you work from home, you may feel fine to return to work within a day or two. If you work out of the home, you should plan that you will want to be off and out of the public eye for at least 10 days. While a rhinoplasty is not a very painful procedure, the bruising and swelling that accompany it can be socially undesirable.

Pictures and Measurements

Our surgeons use 3D imaging to provide patients a preview of what your results should look like, utilizing the 3-dimensional Crisalix software! If you cannot make it into our Fort Worth office for a consultation, you can submit photos and our plastic surgeons can create these 3-dimensional images and discuss the surgery with you virtually!

Questions to Discuss During a Rhinoplasty Consultation

During an initial consultation at our Fort Worth office, we ask patients numerous questions in order to assess their candidacy for nasal surgery, such as:

  • What their goals are
  • What they don’t like about their nose
  • If they have problems with breathing
  • Any history of nasal trauma
  • Any medications they are taking
  • Do they use topical ointments for acne or rosacea
  • Do they have skin disorders such as rhinophyma
  • A history of smoking, vaping, or marijuana (which can be deleterious to the results of a rhinoplasty)
  • Any illicit drug use
  • Nasal sprays (such as Afrin sprays for seasonal allergies) or saline sprays

Many of these questions are for your own safety, so please be honest with us so that we can determine if a rhinoplasty will work for you.

Call Our Fort Worth Office for an Initial Rhinoplasty Consultation

We know that plastic surgery is a big deal – especially if this is your first time. You will likely have many questions and that is why we schedule consultations so that you can be informed and prepared. Place a call to North Texas Plastic Surgery to set up an initial consultation for a rhinoplasty in Fort Worth.

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