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clock-icon   November 26, 2018

Body Lift 101: Dealing With Sagging Skin Post-Weight Loss

It’s such an incredible thing to embark on a weight loss journey and achieve your dream bod. Truly, every milestone should be celebrated. But now that you’ve lost all that weight, you’re probably dealing with some loose or sagging skin that exercise alone simply can’t get rid of. Fret not! A body lift will do the trick to get rid of all that excess skin and give you your desired look.

The skin loses its elasticity when it has been stretched to its limit due to occurrences like weight gain and pregnancy. Unfortunately, even after losing all the weight, the skin may not be able to shrink back to its original state. At this point, a surgical procedure can be considered in order to help you trim the excess skin.

So you’re probably thinking, what exactly does a body lift do? Is it safe? Will the results last? Read on to find out how this procedure can really help you get the look you desire.


What Is A Body Lift?

A body lift or belt lipectomy is a type of plastic surgery that is performed on patients who’ve lost a significant amount of weight. It involves the removal of excess fat and skin around the waist or “belt” line. It’s similar to abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, but a body lift extends all the way around the torso and is the only procedure that can address excess skin on the lower parts of the body.

Tummy tuck does not only remove the extra skin, it can also tone and tighten the abdominal muscles and the muscle wall’s fascia. It can even repair diastasis recti, a condition wherein the abdominal muscles separate to accommodate more fat tissue brought by pregnancy, yo-yo dieting, and improper forms of exercising.


What Can You Expect From A Body Lift?

While a body lift can tackle multiple areas in one procedure and the results are aesthetic and practical, multiple procedures may be required to get the coveted result. The surgeon will create incisions to get rid of the excess skin and reposition the underlying tissues.

If necessary, liposuction will be performed for contouring purposes before the skin is re-wrapped around your body with the help of sutures, skin adhesives, and surgical tapes. Depending on the area you want to address, a body lift procedure on the lower parts of the body can last up to four hours.

You will experience pain and soreness at the incision sites following the procedure which is a normal occurrence for all patients. The surgeon will prescribe pain killers if necessary and may insert drainage tubes underneath the skin. Some patients are required to wear a compression garment to reduce post-surgical swelling.


Are There Risks Involved?

Just like any surgery, a body lift comes with a number of risks you should take note of. The most common risks are infection, severe reactions to anesthetics, skin discoloration, body asymmetry, scarring, and changes in sensation. The recovery time may take up to six weeks and visible results can be seen after three months or more.


Is Body Lift My Only Option?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of treatments you can choose from to address any of your post-weight loss issues. Removal of the extra skin and reforming of tissues around the torso may not be enough to achieve the slim and toned figure you desire. This would require various cosmetic procedures done on different areas of the body where the skin sags such as the face, abdomen, back, breasts, arms, and thighs.

In North Texas Plastic Surgery, we offer a post-weight loss makeover which often consists of faceliftbreast lift, arm liftextended tummy tuckbuttock lift, and thigh lift. A post-weight loss makeover is offered to a patient who has reached his or her stable weight. While risks can make any type of plastic surgery more challenging, our expert pool of qualified surgeons ensure top quality services for every patient.


If you live within or near the Dallas, Southlake, and Plano, Texas areas, take advantage of the free consultation that we currently offer.  Our plastic surgeons Dr. Sacha Obaid will be happy to assess your post-weight loss body problems and discuss available procedure options for you. Just give us a call at 972-627-4175 today so we can set you up for a complimentary consultation.

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