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clock-icon   May 29, 2015

Eating Out Tonight? The Top 4 Healthy Restaurants in Southlake

By Sacha Obaid

Eating out is a fun and exciting experience, whether it’s to catch up with friends, enjoy a romantic date, or spend time with family. Whatever the occasion, these healthy restaurants in Southlake are great options for good food that will nourish your body and keep it in tip-top shape. They’ll help you stay on track with your healthy eating plan and won’t leave you feeling overly full, but satisfied instead!

Trio New American Café

Trio New American Café offers traditional café dishes with an American and global twist. The restaurant was founded by a group of chefs from Colleyville, Texas and has grown into a popular healthy eating venue for lunch and dinner. This restaurant serves dishes created with locally grown, fresh ingredients that are bursting with flavor. For health-conscious visitors, Trio New American Café is the perfect place to find a delicious and nutritious meal.

TruFire Kitchen & Bar

If you are looking for a unique restaurant with many healthy options, then TruFire Kitchen & Bar is a great choice. Their meals are served with a variety of veggies and healthy dressings. They have numerous salads and healthy lean meat options to choose from but also offer delicious burgers for the red-meat eaters in your family.

Pure Health

If you’re looking for a restaurant-quality meal bursting with vitamins and minerals, then Pure Health is your best bet. This beautiful restaurant offers fresh, organic meals that are often vegetable-based. Forget about getting anything fried in this restaurant! Most meals are prepared fresh right when they’re ordered and are full of delicious raw veggies and lean meats. Add a fresh juice or smoothie to your meal for an extra burst of antioxidants, and you will leave feeling refreshed and energetic.

Brio Tuscan Grille

Brio Tuscan Grille is an Italian restaurant that offers many small plate meals for people who are trying to watch their health and their waistlines. This chain restaurant serves delicious Italian dishes in many different varieties to satisfy a myriad of tastes. They also offer a wide variety of appetizers, such as cheese plates, flatbread pizzas, and bruschetta that are perfect for small business meetings or get-togethers among friends.

Dining out can be difficult if you are trying to follow a healthy eating plan. These restaurants offer many organic and healthy options for the conscious eater. In general, to make healthy choices when eating out, opt for foods that are grilled or broiled. Always choose fresh veggies or fruits for your sides, and if the servings are massive, only eat half. Save the rest for later! Your waistline will thank you!

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