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clock-icon   February 22, 2019

These 5 Toxic Fitness Habits Are Ruining Your Workout

Are you not gaining benefits after spending too much time and energy at the gym? Or, there might be results but they’re too small for you to notice? If you already followed instructions to the letter, both from your fitness trainer or from the fitness videos you have at home, chances are you have bad workout habits. Toxic fitness habits can be detrimental towards attaining your fitness goals if not discontinued immediately.

So what are these fitness habits and why do you have to break them? The list is endless but here are five of the most common workout issues that may hold you back.

Skipping the Workout Days

Many people are guilty of skipping workout days from time to time. Once you miss a workout sesh, it can become habitual. It is easy to give in to the next urge to skip the gym when you’re not in the mood. Remember that consistency is the key for success. With workout, if you’re bored with your usual routine, you can always turn to other workout alternatives so as not to skip a sesh. There’s no room for excuses, exercise discipline.

Not Fueling the Body with Food and Water

Skipping meals to work out longer will not get you faster results. In fact, it can prevent you from sticking to your routine as you’ll tire out easily. Eating too little is not good either because it is difficult to sustain with whatever fitness regimen you choose to do. The body needs fuel from protein-rich foods and water to be more productive and to boost the growth of muscles.

Not Getting Enough Rest

Overdoing your workout is one of the toxic fitness habits that you have to stop. Working out more often without ample rest can lead to burnout, muscle fatigue, and injury. Your muscles need time to repair, recover and grow. If you skip the much-need rest, your muscles will lose mass and start to waste away, and you don’t want that to happen!

Performing Steady Cardio Only

Cardio workouts are good for the heart yet when done in a steady state, they are slow and unsuccessful in burning calories. Stop wasting time running on the treadmill and get into HIIT-style workouts that are more intense and more effective in shedding off the pounds. Incorporate strength-training in your workout regimen to boost your weight loss. By building more muscles in your body, you’ll have a higher metabolism that will keep calorie burning throughout the day even when you’re at rest.

Eating Junk Food to Reward Yourself

While it’s true that you have to refuel after a workout, it should not be with high-caloric junk foods. Your muscles need nourishment from high protein foods to repair, recover, and develop. A bad diet is something that you can never out-train. If you want to achieve your fitness goals, stay away from junk foods and keep to a well-balanced diet.


If you found it hard to strictly follow a workout routine and give up these toxic fitness habits, cosmetic surgeries can help you. By means of high-definition liposuction, a plastic surgeon can carve six pack abs for you. While a tummy tuck can address fat bulges and excess, loose skin around your middle so you can have a flatter belly and more contoured silhouette.

There are other different options available for your body contouring needs including arm liftthigh lift, and CoolSculpting. Contact us at 972-627-4175 or book online so we can schedule a free consultation for you with our plastic surgery experts, Dr. Sacha Obaid. They can give you a full assessment and provide recommendations that will help you get the body that you want. Swing by in any of our Texas locations in Dallas, Plano, and Southlake!


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