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Your Skincare Treatments Guide 

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An essential component of maintaining your health is a great skincare routine. This can prevent declining skin laxity and decrease signs of aging. However, over-the-counter skincare products are not always the best choice for keeping your skin smooth, tight, and blemish-free. Medical-grade skincare ingredients in elite brands such as EltaMD, Skinceuticals, and Alastin offer a more substantial and long-lasting result when combined with in-office cosmetic procedures.

Many over-the-counter products are designed to sit on the surface of the skin whereas Medical Grade Skincare is formulated to penetrate the epidermis and reach deeper levels of the skin to restore damage by stimulating new collagen and elastin which helps to improve the texture, tone, and tightness of the skin.

Many individuals combine an at-home skincare routine with regular cosmetic treatments for additional enhancements, however, each cosmetic treatment utilizes different substances and approaches to correct your medical concerns!

My Favorite Non-Invasive Cosmetic Skincare Treatments

A good skincare routine is not limited to taking care of only your face – it should include your entire body, too! We offer some of the latest, most effective non-invasive technology at the North Texas Plastic Surgery Med Spa. We understand that no two patients are alike so we customize a treatment plan tailored to each individual’s budget, timeline, and goals.

Acupulse CO2, IPL, Pico and EXCEL V

Laser resurfacing treatments such as Acupulse CO2, Pico, IPL, and EXCEL V can reduce the visibility of fine lines & wrinkles, superficial veins, melasma and sun damage. Each of these treatments is unique in the sense that it uses a very specific laser wavelength to target pigment, skin texture, loose skin, and superficial veins with little-to-no downtime. These non-invasive laser treatments work by promoting new collagen and elastin production which aids in promoting brighter and tighter skin. The aging process never stops, but there are ways to slow it down!

Inmode Morpheus8 RF Microneedling

One of the most popular treatments we offer at North Texas Plastic Surgery is Morpheus8. This device utilizes microneedling technology combined with radiofrequency to improve tightness, texture, and skin tone. It is also very effective in reducing the appearance of acne and surgical scars, stretch marks, and cellulite by rebuilding the collagen & elastin that we rapidly lose as we age. The fractional remodeling involved in the Morpheus8 treatment promotes the production of new collagen to improve skin elasticity by penetrating 4,000 microns into the skin and thermal energy that extends an additional 1,000 or more microns. This means we can penetrate up to 5mm deep! The Thermal energy emitted from the laser does not damage the surrounding tissue and the BEST part is it is safe and effective on ALL Skin Types!

Coolsculpting, EON, and Ultherapy

Non-invasive body contouring treatments are excellent for reducing excess body fat for individuals at any age. Ultherapy treatments utilize Ultrasound technology to help contour and tighten the neck, brows, and face by penetrating deep down into the layers where collagen and elastin are created.

Coolsculpting treatments contour the body by targeting fat cells through controlled cooling by causing fat cells to naturally die, then are eliminated over the following weeks/months through the lymphatic system. Approximately 20%-25% of fat cells are eliminated with each treatment and patients can resume their normal daily routine immediately after treatment. Once the fat cells are eliminated, they NEVER return!

EON is another fat reduction procedure that we offer at North Texas Plastic Surgery. EON uses a laser to heat up and destroy the fat cell causing them to die and then be eliminated through the lymphatic system such as Coolsculpting with NO downtime!

Both Coolsculpting and EON technologies aim to destroy the fat cells, and once the cells are dead, the body processes and absorbs them by eliminating the waste over the following weeks to months. Some patients have reported seeing improvement in as little as 2 weeks!

What Does it Take to Achieve Your Best Skin

Knowledge and Discipline!

Following a consistent skincare routine involving medical-grade products coupled with frequent appointments with your Aesthetician is essential to not only improve your skin but also prevent signs of aging, blemishes, and other cosmetic concerns. Maintenance and consistency is key when it comes to skincare effectiveness. At North Texas Plastic Surgery, we offer a wide spectrum of non-invasive cosmetic treatment options and we love seeing our patients meet their skin goals!

Contact our office for a consultation to speak with an aesthetic professional about our skincare treatments guide and non-invasive solutions to achieve your best skin! Our team is ready to find the best cosmetic treatments for your unique needs – we can’t wait to see your skincare journey flourish!

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