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Breast Lift in Fort Worth

Breast Lift in Fort Worth

If you are unhappy with the sag or shape of your breasts after pregnancy, weight loss, or reaching a certain age, you have probably considered having a breast lift procedure (also known as a mastopexy). Not only can this type of breast surgery help you enhance the symmetry of your breasts, but it can also give them a perkier and younger appearance.

If you have ever considered getting a breast lift in Fort Worth, the team at North Texas Plastic Surgery is available to explain what it entails and what your next steps should be. We can also provide a virtual consultation by using the Crisalix 3-D imaging system so you are able to clearly see – even from home – what you will look like after the lift is complete.

What is a Breast Lift Procedure?

A breast lift procedure, also known as a mastopexy, is a standard surgical procedure that involves resculpting the breasts, removing excess skin, and repositioning the nipple to stay at the center. It helps tighten the breast tissue to prevent a saggy or droopy appearance.

A mastopexy does not involve adding any volume to the breast tissue. But if you desire more fullness in your upper breasts, or a larger chest, a combination of a breast augmentation procedure and breast lift may be more advisable. The same can be done for a breast reduction

As a rule of thumb, the more that the breasts sag, the more skin your surgeon will remove to help them sit higher on your chest. Similarly, if the surgeon must remove more skin for a successful procedure, then more incisions will be made. That is one reason why some women choose to get implants at the same time as lift – it reduces the amount of scarring afterward.

Will a Lift Do the Trick for Me?

One of the main reasons why your breasts begin to sag and look deflated is because they enlarge during breastfeeding or weight gain, but that extra skin still remains after that weight recedes. One of the best ways for women in Fort Worth to determine if they need to get a breast lift is to place a pencil up in the crease below the breast. If it remains there when you let go, then a lift may be necessary.

Other ways to determine if this is a good option for you is if your nipples are facing down, the skin looks noticeably stretched, your nipples fall below the crease of the breasts when you are not wearing support, or if the breast shape looks elongated. If you are at a relatively stable weight and do not smoke, you could benefit from getting this procedure.

Different Types of Breast Lift Procedures

Depending on the degree of lift required, the location of the nipples, and whether you will require an augmentation alongside it, several incisions may be necessary during a breast lift procedure. The following are some of the types of breast lifts we can provide you at our Fort Worth office:

Anchor Lift

Also known as inverted-T, the plastic surgeon makes this incision on breasts with noticeable sagging. It is made from the crease of the breast, in the shape of an anchor, and goes all the way to and around the nipple. This incision is the most intensive technique for correcting moderate to severe chest ptosis (sagging).

Benelli Lift

Ideal for mild ptosis or to correct nipple symmetry, the Benelli lift is a donut-shaped incision around the areola that allows the removal of excess skin in a round shape.

Crescent Lift

Also referred to as periareolar incision, the crescent lift is ideal for mild breast sagging. It is the least intensive procedure, as it involves making an incision on the upper edge of the dark skin surrounding the nipple and removing a small amount of skin to allow the repositioning of the nipple and areola.

Lollipop Lift

Also known as the vertical or keyhole lift, the lollipop lift refers to an incision that the surgeon makes around the areola and that extends vertically to the breast crease to form a lollipop shape. It is perfect for mild to moderate sagging of the breasts.

Breast Lift with an Augmentation

The area that gives you the attractive cleavage is known as the “upper pole” of the breast – but a mastopexy is not always able to pull the skin back far enough to produce prominent cleavage. We can add more volume to the upper pole using a fat transfer or implants – in fact, more than 9 in 10 patients at North Texas Plastic Surgery get a lift with an augmentation together. We typically perform this procedure in two stages so that we can create the proper amount of tension to lift the breasts to your desired location.

Potential Risks During a Breast Lift

This procedure will be done under general anesthesia. We have board-certified anesthesiologists who will monitor you throughout the process so that you are safe and comfortable. However, as with any surgical intervention, there is a possibility of infections, scarring, bleeding, and blood clots, among other risks. For this reason, we analyze your current overall health before agreeing to a procedure. We will also advise you in advance of the possibility of your breasts being too big or small, asymmetrical, potential skin loss, discoloration of the nipple, difficult scarring, fat necrosis, and the chance of the body rejecting the implant in the future.

To help reduce the risk of any adverse effects, make sure that you do not use cigarettes, nicotine, or vapes for four to six months ahead of your scheduled surgery day. You must share any medications or supplements you are routinely taking so that we may identify those which could interfere with the anesthesia or the healing process.

While in recovery, you should get up and move around every day, and eat a healthy, vitamin-rich diet. We can also provide you with an incentive spirometer which works the lungs so that you do not come down with respiratory problems.

What Does a Breast Lift Recovery Entail?

A mastopexy is a day surgery, meaning you can go home the same day that the surgery occurs. However, you will have to arrange for someone to pick you up and watch over you for 24 to 48 hours after surgery.

Additionally, you must drink lots of water, consume healthful foods, take your medications as prescribed, and avoid lifting anything that weighs more than 10 pounds. Normally, it could take five days for you to recover to a point where you can resume your normal day-to-day activities.

Three weeks after your surgery, your plastic surgeon will likely clear you to begin aerobic exercises, including running, jogging, and arm-free elliptical training. After six weeks, you could be able to start heavy lifting exercises, weight training, and yoga practice. If you plan on breastfeeding afterward, it is possible that you are unable to produce as much milk for your child, so you may need to calorie supplement with formula. On very rare occasions, breastfeeding may be impossible after a lift.

What Are the Results?

Most patients in Fort Worth who get a breast lift will see the results last up to 15 years, although it depends on their body and their ability to maintain weight. The breast sag may return if you get pregnant and/or breastfeed, or lose a notable amount of weight. The aging process will inevitably lead to more sagging but a breast lift might mean that it is not as pronounced as it might have been.

To further promote the results, we can insert a Galaflex internal bra, which is a mesh-like material that keeps the breasts lifted from within. Eventually, this material is absorbed into the body, but it leaves behind a strong layer of skin tissue that continues the job of lifting the breasts up.

Schedule Your Fort Worth Breast Lift at North Texas Plastic Surgery

A breast lift procedure is a safe and effective surgery that helps women reshape their breasts to achieve a firmer and more youthful look. If you are considering a breast lift in Fort Worth, please set up a consultation with North Texas Plastic Surgery. We have an in-office surgical facility that adheres to the national standards of quality and safety, and an excellent team of plastic surgeons and caregivers to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today and set up a consultation. If you require a payment plan, please note that we offer Alphaeon, CareCredit, and Prosper Healthcare Lending as finance options.

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