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August 05, 2019
Breast augmentation, like any plastic surgery, is a monumental decision. Even when you're seeing an experienced, board-certified surgeon, not knowing exactly how you'll look when you come out of surgery can cause anxiety. At North Texas Plastic Surgery, we know that the uncertainty heading into... Read More
June 25, 2019
Motherhood is an incredible gift. It’s tough but rewarding and changes your body completely. The breasts go through many changes, the skin stretches, and abdominal muscles separate. Doctors recommend women gain anywhere from 15-40 pounds during pregnancy, depending on your pre-baby weight. While... Read More
Category: Mommy Makeover
May 06, 2019
Liposuction remains one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the United States, but this invasive procedure requires anesthesia and extended recovery. CoolSculpting® is your non-invasive fat removal option that requires no downtime. The process uses “Cryolipolysis” a method which works through... Read More
Category: Coolsculpting
May 03, 2019
At North Texas Plastic Surgery, we have three convenient locations in Plano, Dallas, and Southlake, but some of our patients live outside the area and may not want to travel just for a consultation. Our board-certified plastic surgeon offers virtual consults, so you can learn more about your... Read More
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May 03, 2019
Sleep is an essential part of your health. Countless studies have shown adequate sleep improves your memory, helps you maintain a healthy weight, and even has some anti-aging benefits. Getting enough rest during tummy tuck recovery will help you heal quickly and optimally by promoting healing and... Read More
Category: Tummy Tuck
April 28, 2019
CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical fat removal treatment that gets rid of unwanted fat deposits without the need for invasive plastic surgery and anesthesia. Our Med Spa at North Texas Plastic Surgery offers CoolSculpting® for multiple body areas. Learn more about this revolutionary technology in the... Read More
Category: Coolsculpting
April 24, 2019
Source: head54 via Pixabay Nothing can stop a woman from getting stronger by the day! Along with a healthy lifestyle comes the need to strengthen different parts of the body. Watching what you eat is just as important as working out, and we have just the right tricks to build your back and arms... Read More
Category: News
April 19, 2019
There are so many facial treatments available for virtually every skin problem, and thanks to technology, there’s also an array of solutions you can choose from. If you’re suffering from hyperpigmentation and melasma, you would also know that it can be difficult to treat. Unfortunately, these... Read More
Category: Skin Care
April 17, 2019
Anything with the word “needles” can easily induce anxiety, and microneedling is no exception. If we were to explain the procedure for the first time with no context, pricking your face with multiple tiny needles won’t sound compelling at all. But a case must be made for microneedling before you... Read More
Category: Skin Care
April 08, 2019
Source: Ace Armstrong via Flickr It’s no secret that regular exercise and a well-balanced diet can do wonders for your health and well-being. However, there are some stubborn areas that are difficult to sculpt, particularly the area under the face known as the “double chin.” Also known as... Read More
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