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Breast lift recovery usually takes one to two weeks, depending on your general health and whether you decide to combine any procedures with your breast lift. Recovery may also take longer or have different results, depending on the kind of breast lift you have.

On the Day of Surgery

When you have a breast lift, you’ll be under a general anesthetic during the procedure. After you wake up, you’ll feel groggy from the anesthetic and have some pain and tenderness in your breasts and the surrounding area.

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Are you unhappy with the shape of your thighs? Are they less toned than they used to be? A thigh lift can help.

The recovery time for a thigh lift may vary depending on whether you opt for an outer thigh lift, an inner thigh lift, or both. In general, however, most people will need to take it easy for the first couple of weeks and can resume normal activities after four to six weeks.

You’ve decided to make changes to your nose, whether for aesthetic or medical purposes. The rhinoplasty procedure you undergo is unique to you, in that the exact steps your surgeon takes to perform it depend on the anatomy of your nose and your goals for the procedure. However, while the procedure itself can be performed in different ways, the recovery process is similar for most people.

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After plastic surgery, it can be tempting to hop back on your feet to make up for time lost during the procedure, start getting your post-procedure body in shape, and show it off!

Here are the top seven things to do when recovering from plastic surgery:

Any cuts or abrasions of the skin can result in scarring. Chances are, you have scars from falling, running into things, or getting hurt as a child. Though a skilled surgeon can minimize the size or intensity of a scar (or camouflage it), they’re sometime unavoidable. However, there are several things you can do (or not do) to minimize your chances of scarring after plastic surgery, no matter the procedure.

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Plastic surgery is all about getting the body you want. Your post-op exercise routine, on the other hand, is all about keeping those valuable results.

To get the most out of your procedure, it’s important to perform the targeted workout routine required to protect and preserve the sleek new you. Check out our suggestions below for how long to wait after your procedure before exercising, as well as how to get moving again once recovery is complete.

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Grapefruit is a subtropical citrus fruit with many varieties and sweetness levels. It is an excellent source of nutrients, including vitamin C, pectin, and the antioxidant lycopene. Grapefruit also has many health benefits. It can lower cholesterol, has antimicrobial properties, and its antioxidants may play a role in preventing cancers and in slowing down the aging process. Grapefruit can help increase the body’s fat-burning metabolism, something that has made grapefruit a popular part of many weight-loss diets.