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Ear Surgery in Fort Worth

Ear Surgery in Fort Worth

At North Texas Plastic Surgery, our patients visit us from all over the Lone Star State and beyond to undergo ear surgery in Fort Worth. Our highly qualified plastic surgeons demonstrate mastery of ear surgeries of all types, including otoplasty, lobuloplasty, and repairing damaged ears caused by earrings, including gauge ear repair and slot ear repair.

You shouldn’t have to endure teasing or stares from strangers because of your ears. To learn more about the ear surgeries we offer at our Fort Worth clinic, give us a call. Our expert medical team would be happy to assist you and answer all your questions about this type of facial plastic surgery. We can even perform ear surgery on children as young as five.

Ear Surgery Procedures

No matter which ear surgery interests you in Fort Worth, we can discuss the procedure in detail.


Otoplasty, also known as ear pinning, is the surgical process of reshaping and bringing back your ears so they protrude less from your head. This procedure reduces the prominence of your ears, restoring the harmony of your face.


By correcting your sagging, drooping earlobes, lobuloplasty can make your ears look more balanced and attractive.

Gauge Ear Repair

This procedure corrects earlobes that have overly large holes, typically caused by gauge earrings. Closing large holes in your earlobes can make you look more polished and presentable in a professional setting.

Slot Ear Repair

This procedure corrects ears that were damaged by torn piercings from post-and-backing earrings. Following your slot ear repair, you will be able to re-pierce your ears, which makes this surgery ideal for people who suffer from damaged earlobes but want to enjoy wearing earrings and other accessories again.

In addition to these procedures, we can augment your ears to make them appear fuller or less curved; or if a portion of your ear has folded over, we can straighten it.

What Your Ear Surgery Involves

To ensure your comfort, your otoplasty will take place under general anesthesia in our Fort Worth AAAASF-accredited office-based surgical center. Other types of ear surgery will use local anesthesia. Depending on the nature of your procedure and your unique requirements, our expert medical team will discuss our personalized surgical approach in detail during your initial consultation.

During an otoplasty, our talented plastic surgeon makes an incision in the crease behind your ear (so the scar will be hidden). This exposes the cartilage, which is carefully reshaped. Your ear is then repositioned closer to the head and secured with stitches. You can also combine an otoplasty with other ear surgeries.

Procedures such as lobuloplasty, gauge ear repair, and slot ear repair are also performed under local anesthesia. During these surgeries, our skillful plastic surgeons use sutures to stitch closed any holes or damage. Your ears and earlobes will look as good as new! The best news is that, in most cases, you will be able to re-pierce your ears.

How Long Does Ear Surgery Take?

Depending on which procedure you choose—and whether it involves one or both ears—your ear surgery should take about one to three hours. Adults receiving local anesthesia should be able to return home soon after the procedure. Children may require general anesthesia for their procedure, and so will need to rest in our recovery room until its effects wear off.

Downtime, Rest, and Recovery

Following your surgery, you should expect to go through a brief period of downtime, rest, and recovery at home. While we will discuss the exact length and specifications of your recovery time with you before your procedure, here are some general recommendations:

  • In most cases, your ears will be bandaged to ensure they maintain their new shape as they heal; we will remove these coverings and any sutures after about a week
  • Plan on at least one week of quiet rest at home
  • Sleep with your head elevated to control any swelling or movement; a neck brace may also be helpful in preventing you from turning over in your sleep
  • In the case of an otoplasty, we may ask you to wear a headband while you sleep to protect your ears from bending or pulling
  • Avoid vigorous activity and contact sports for at least six weeks following your surgery
  • To monitor your progress and to make sure you heal optimally, please attend all your follow-up appointments

Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Ear Surgery in Fort Worth

Ear surgery can be life changing for you! It will not only transform the look of your face and profile, it will dramatically improve your confidence, self-esteem, and how you present yourself to the world. Our plastic surgeons will ensure that you love your results. To find out more about ear surgery in Fort Worth or to book your consultation, call North Texas Plastic Surgery today.

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